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The delegation of the International Network for Human Rights Monitoring meats Dr. Osama Saad in Sidon to deal with the humanitarian situation in Lebanon

Within the tour, the objectives of the network and its activities and during the field visits of events and influential figures in Lebanese society ,a delegation from the International Network for Human Rights Monitoring on 13/11/2017,headed by the Public Relations Officer in the network, Advisor Khaled Al-Sayed , Central Information Officer Eng. Adeeb Zein El-Din and Board members Ms. Zahra Assi and Mrs. Rana Houran visited the head of the Popular Nasserite organization, former MP Dr. Osama Saad in his office in Sidon, southern Lebanon.

The network delegation discussed with Dr. Osama Saad, the humanitarian situation in Lebanon which is witnessing the political and humanitarian crises and its repercussions on the Lebanese society, in addition to hearing about the humanitarian situation of the Syrian refugees and Palestinians and the difficulties they face.

The objectives of the network were also clarified and the mission of the network to promote the human rights march in the world and the priorities of the network in combating violence, extremism, ignorance and increasing poverty under the circumstances in the Arab region and try to present realistic solutions to all humanitarian crises, while ensuring coordination of the network with all institutions and associations and local and international influential figures in Arab societies in addition to the network through its members to document violations of human rights in the world.

On his part, Dr. Saad welcomed the visiting delegation, stressing his keenness to enhance the civil, social and humanitarian peace in Sidon and all Lebanon and welcoming him to all initiatives that contribute to achieving these targets. He affirmed his full and absolute support for the network's objectives, pointing out that the persistence of violations of human rights in the world to support such activities in order to expose all violations of human rights and humanity.

International Network for Human Rights Monitoring
Central Information Authority
Norway on 14/11/2017